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Back pain is debilitating and can affect all areas of life including work, leisure time and sporting activities.

Osteopathy may be the solution to your back pain and enable you to return to the movement and activity you love. Osteopaths can treat the cause of back pain using hands on techniques without medicine or surgery. Osteopaths are highly qualified and experienced health professionals who understand the cause of back pain and are skilled in making your recovery as smooth and fast as possible.

Causes of Back Pain

Back pain is an extremely common condition with up to 80% of the population experiencing back pain at some time during the lives. Although the underlying pathology of low back pain is usually not serious, with the vast majority of patients recovering within 6 weeks, it is a significant cause of pain in the community and can have a considerable impact on people’s day to day lives.

Most causes of back pain are the result of irritation or poor function of the bones, joints, ligaments or muscles in your back. Such irritation can be the result of Vertebral dysfunction, a common condition that occurs when the spinal vertebrae compress or irritate the delicate nerve structures of your lower back.

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What will your Osteopath do?

Your osteopath will complete a thorough case history and examination.

They will then explain in detail:

  • How osteopathy can help you
  • What is wrong and which muscles, joints or nerves are causing your pain
  • Why it has happened
  • What treatment you require
  • Provide you with a treatment plan with milestones to help measure your progress
  • Refer you for further investigation if required such as GP’s, X-Ray, Podiatrist etc.
  • How many sessions they think it will take to relieve the pain and resolve the problem
  • What you can do to speed your recovery
  • The things you must do to avoid prolonging or aggravating the injury
  • What can be done, through treatment and management, to ensure the problem does not re-occur


Osteopathic treatment of back pain focuses on restoring function to poorly moving spinal joints, as well as reducing muscle tension and increasing muscle strength. This results in improved movement, reduced pain and deceased nerve irritation.

Treatments are tailored to the individual case usually consisting of spinal and soft tissue mobilisation, core stabilization advice, strengthening exercises, stretching and heat/cold therapy. Please contact us to arrange your comprehensive lower back consultation to help identify the exact cause of your back pain and begin a course of corrective care today!

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Tips for looking after your back

  • Exercise regularly and try to maintain a healthy weight to decrease the load on your spine.
  • Try not to sit for long periods of time. Take short breaks regularly.
  • Be mindful of your posture, try not to slouch or slump.
  • Be careful when lifting. Keep your back straight, bend at the hips and knees and tighten your core prior to picking up an object.
  • Make sure you have a supportive bed.
  • We have more helpful hints and tips that can help with back pain. Our main philosophy is prevention is better than cure.

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